What equipment do we use?

Nikon vs iPhone vs GoPro.

Long time ago someone told me that no matter what you shoot with, if you don't have an eye for a good photo, no fancy equipment will help!

I still partially agree with this statement, however there is always a BUT to everything :)

These days some mobile phones can do a fantastic job, I even shot a wedding on an iPhone, it was quite a challenge, but exceeded my expectations.

During travels it really depends. If I have time at location, I'll definitely change a lens a couple of times, just to make sure I satisfied my photographer's hunger for a great image.

Sometimes the effect you can achieve with zoom lens won't be as amazing with another lens or iPhone.

There are three cameras which are always with us during travels: Nikon, GoPro & iPhone.


I use Nikon (and a few lenses), just because it was love at first sight since I started photography professionally.

This two images were shot on different lenses:

1. Nikkor 70-200mm 2. Nikkor 28-70mm

Both images are stunning, but you can see for yourself how different the results are.


What I know is that iPhone would't give me the quality of DSLR camera obviously, BUT it's definitely handy and can be of a great use as well. Plus it's faster to edit anything on the go and post online straight away! It's photos do not take up too much space on my hard drive and it can fit into any pocket, cameras are quite bulky to be honest.

Plus the amount of editing applications with filters today are endless.


We are not so pro with the GoPro. We use it for fun, underwater footage and timelapse.

We also find it quite handy to instal it on the dashboard in the car or on a wing of a Cessna (when Arash flying it). Both of us can compile short videos, combining recordings with images, creating video stories for our youtube channel like this one from our recent trip to Seoul in South Korea:

I guess in our case GoPro is just that extra little thing, when nothing else can be used.

However without it we wouldn't be able to have all those fun memories :)

The conclusion of this article is: PHOTOGRAPH & RECORD on any equipment you have - it's all so much fun and only you truly will have those feelings and emotions going through all your memories on little digital memory cards.

With love for travel,

Yulia & Arash


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