Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Open air art gardens and art gallery.

We've seen the photographs online, we've read all types of reviews and we've decided to see it for ourselves.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, when Arash offered to drive to Matakana Village for lunch with an ice cream time at Omaha beach afterwards. I took my camera with me, but since we've been to Matakana so many times, I didn't take any photos there. Sometimes I would just let my photography obsession go, in order to enjoy the moment almost without any evidence :)

On our way to the beach we saw the sign: SCULPTUREUM, you can't miss it!

It got me so excited, as I really wanted to visit this place, but since we live literally on the other side of Auckland it didn't cross my mind that this weekend it was that chance!

We made it just on time as they suggest to give it two hours to enjoy all the gardens and art gallery. We were wondering how much the ticket was and were expecting to pay 20NZD per person.

The actual price (in New Zealand Dollars) to date (Feb 2019) is:

ADULT- 39.00, Gold Card Holders - 29.00, Child (6-16 years) - 19.00

It made us thinking for a minute as it was twice more than we were expecting to pay, but we realised it's too late to change our mind and pretty far away to come back later.

The entrance to the gardens is very informative and inviting, it shows the map of the place, outlines all the DO's and DON'Ts and pretty self-explanatory. I'd recommend to read it at least briefly.

Every step you take is marked by an art piece. They look even more special surrounded by nature, also the light and time of the day play its role at viewing every piece differently.

We've put together some photographs and short videos from that day, so you can see for yourself how unique and beautiful this place really is.

I think that any time you get a chance to connect with art, it gives you a different perspective to life, makes you think about certain artist, even might push you to travel and discover new countries and cultures.

At some point we realised that we forgot we were still in New Zealand.

The fountains, sculptures, gardens transported us to some place in Europe...

Every stone and every tree was placed with thought and love, every little pathway is designed for your walking pleasure. If you decide to have a rest, sit down and enjoy the surroundings - there are benches probably every hundred metres... You can even get a hug from Mark Twain :)

We absolutely sure that you'll enjoy this place just like we did, if you give it enough time to connect with you :)

P.S. There were a few unhappy comments of the people who were complaining how expensive the place was, or the collection of art wasn't up to their taste, or that gardens were not exciting enough... Really?

I'd like to remind you something. This is a private collection opened to the public. To my opinion it should be treated as if someone invited you to their home and showing you what you probably wouldn't be able to find in the art gallery.

All the pieces were collected and brought to New Zealand at the expense of their new owners.

How often can you see private collections? Do you know many people who would openly invite strangers to visit their home or garden?

I think it amazing experiences and it should be treated with respect and gratitude.

Well, it's just my personal opinion.

Check out their website or there is even better idea to actually visit the gardens and gallery.


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