Auckland Anniversary at Extravaganza Fair

How we've celebrated long weekend and Auckland anniversary at Extravaganza Fair at Craigavon Park.

Long weekends in New Zealand are a big deal. Everyone get's excited, well at least we do :)

In some parts cities become quiet as many families prefer to go away to their batches or to the beach. However, generally Auckland is busy in a relaxing way. No one in a rush, people dressed up, in a holiday mood, bars and squares and getting photographed over and over, as there is always something happening during long weekends (you just need to research a little bit where to go during those days)

Of coarse, we didn't want to stay home and decided to go for a ride. Usually during the weekend if nothing special is planned Yulia tries not to take her camera, so we can spend time together and we have iPhones to take photo really.

(Though all the photographs in this article were taken on iPhone 7 by Arash and edited by Yulia)

This time she had a sense that camera needs to be in her bag and she was right!

We discovered Extravaganza Fair on our way, which was absolutely FREE of charge to enjoy!

It's not just Fair, it's a community of families, who travel together around New Zealand, presenting entertainment, food, crafts and great vibes.

They come to Auckland every year, and sometimes with new members, who decided to change their life and join this amazing community of free spirits.

The moment you walk in through the gates you forget where you are, you get transported to a world from movies or cartoons.

Colourful ribbons hanged all over the place creating the happy mood, walks around the fair have cute street signs.

Extravaganza Fair is a little town on wheels.

We better show you the photographs we took during those few hours we spend at the show, so you can see for yourself and maybe even find them once they arrive to your city.

There is plenty of food and drinks, chairs and tables, and beanbags to rest on, plus countless activities for kids!

We had a great time and you will too! (It is a good idea to have some cash just in case)

Check out their website for more details and latest calendar of trips.

Have fun and we hope our little article helped you to discover something new!


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