About us

"We travel light and easy, planning every step, but always being spontaneous" 

Hello, we are Arash & Yulia, husband and wife from New Zealand.


We both moved to New Zealand a very long time ago and easily call it our home. That's probably why we are both really keen to learn about other cultures and countries, since we learn everyday something new about each other's.


Most of our trips around New Zealand we doing by motorhome. We love road trips, you can see so much more, explore places you'd never know of if only was flying by plane.


In September 2016 during our honeymoon, which lasted six weeks, we travelled through Russia, Asia and Middle East we started our Instagram account to share little stories and photographs from our travels.

We both have a huge love for travel! Arash makes sure the trip is exciting and as smooth as possible, and Yulia captures all beautiful memories (since she's a professional photographer).


We want to share with you all those amazing, exciting, peaceful and crowded places we've been to, and hopefully the amount of photographs and experiences we've gathered during our travels around New Zealand, Asia, Middle East and Russia will help you during your next trip . 

 See you on the other side of the world!

 Arash & Yulia 


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